An important message from Milton Hydro
The Ontario Government has set up a COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program to assist Small Business customers who are having problems paying their hydro bill.
You may be eligible to receive CEAP-SB assistance if:

  • You HAVE an active business account with Milton Hydro and HAVE a registered business number or registered charity number;
  • You HAVE NOT applied for CEAP-SB for another premise under the same registered number;
  • Your small business or charity is in the GENERAL SERVICE less than 50 kW class;
  • You MADE full or partial payments  on your account prior to March 17th;
  • As of the date you are applying, you have ANY OVERDUE ELECTRICITY amounts owing from at least two electricity bills since March 17, 2020;
  • You WERE REQUIRED to close* for 15 days or unable to adapt your business or charity to comply with public health recommendations;
* “close” means that the small business or registered charity was unable to maintain regular operations as a result of government order or health recommendations that required them to either fully close operations, limit access to their premises or limit the services provided or available to the public.
If you are eligible, download the CEAP-SB APPLICATION FORM HERE . Please read all parts of the Application carefully when completing the form.

You may submit the Completed Application form by email at , regular mail or Fax at 905-876-2044.
You may call our office for more information at 905-876-4611.

Please note: CEAP-SB funds are limited and the program ends once Milton Hydro’s share of the funding is exhausted. Funds are distributed based on a properly completed Application and on a first come basis.
For Questions and Answers click here

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