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Major Event Reporting: Wind Storm

Milton Hydro’s Emergency Outage Response to the May 21, 2022 Derecho Storm

On May 21, 2022, a severe Wind Storm classified as “Derecho” – a rare class of damaging thunderstorm – bought 1000km of 130km/hr damaging winds across South West Ontario and Quebec. This major event caused fallen trees and powerlines, as well as damage to electrical equipment (wires, poles, insulators, transformers, and fuses). A total of 5,279 Milton Hydro customers were affected by weather-related outages, mostly in the Campbellville and Northern areas of Milton, with some in town pockets.
The following report outlines how Milton Hydro responded to the May 21, 2022 Wind Storm and addresses all customer questions to ensure Ontario Energy Board (OEB) requirements are met.
Click HERE to view the report.


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