Before starting any tree trimming, planting, or digging in the garden, we recommend the following important steps to stay safe around powerlines.

Proximity to Powerlines

  • Look up and locate overhead powerlines - keep your body/equipment at least 10 feet or 3 metres away from powerlines.
  • Contact Milton Hydro’s Customer Service Team for a disconnect and reconnect or if you have concerns about trees and powerlines at (905) 876-4611 ext 224 or email  (free service during normal business hours; home owner responsible for costs outside of business hours)
  • Contact Ontario One Call before you dig to locate underground powerlines.
  • Plant trees, shrubs and landscaping away from power lines or meter access path. Think ahead to how big plantings will grow as time passes. Follow municipal guidelines for planting.
  • You are responsible for trimming trees on your private property and this work should be done by a qualified contractor. Any planting and tree trimming work needs to meet Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) standards as outlined in the following diagram.
ESA Guidelines for Tree Planting around Powerlines


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