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2022 Electricity Safety Awareness Survey

Electrical safety and the wellbeing of our customers is important to us.  To continue to keep our safety protocols at the highest level possible and educate the Milton community of electrical dangers, Milton Hydro has launched its bi-annual Electricity Safety Awareness survey.  The survey is being conducted by a third party, UtilityPLUSE, who will provide Milton Hydro with a final report to be submitted to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) in April 2022.  The report will go towards Milton Hydro’s overall OEB scorecard, indicating the level of awareness our customers have about electricity safety. 

We encourage all customers to participate in this survey. Your input will help us understand areas we can improve our safety awareness. If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact customer service at 905. 876. 4611. 

Start the survey here.  

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