Power outages can be caused by the loss of the electricity supply to our community, equipment failure, weather conditions, tree contact, wildlife interference, or vehicle accidents. Milton Hydro emergency crews are sent out rapidly to investigate the cause of the outage, make repairs and restore power to customers.

Wildlife Interference a Big Concern in Milton

Squirrels and birds coming in contact with power lines and transformers cause brief power interruptions for Milton Hydro customers. Animal contact with electrical apparatus is not unusual. In fact, squirrels are among the most frequent causes of power outages across North America. Here in Milton, wildlife interference accounts for a number of power outages experienced by customers. These sorts of power outages take place most often in June, July and August when animals are most active.

Milton Hydro’s Efforts to Prevent Animal Contact with Electrical Equipment

Milton Hydro investigates and carefully analyzes the root cause of power outages. This information is used in determining how to best maintain and upgrade the electricity distribution system to deliver electricity to customers in Milton as reliably as possible.
Over the last few years, Milton Hydro's program for reducing the number of outages caused by wildlife interference has included:

  • Diligent trimming of trees to limit animal access to power lines
  • Installing longer insulators on power lines, which reduces the likelihood of animals being electrocuted by simultaneously touching the pole and power line
  • Replacing steel equipment, such as cross arms and brackets on power line poles, with fibreglass equipment that does not conduct electricity
  • Installing wildlife protection covers and insulated wires on transformers  to minimize the chance of animal contact

Many outages can be restored as much as possible by using remotely operated switches. Where there is an equipment issue, Milton Hydro emergency crews are sent out to make repairs and restore power to customers as swiftly as possible.



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