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8% Provincial Rebate

Beginning January 1, 2017, residential customers are eligible for an 8% Provincial Rebate on their electricity bill. The rebate is equal to the provincial portion of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

It will start to appear on bills that reflect services received after January 1, 2017. The rebate does not have an expiry date. The savings for a typical residential customer using about 800 kWh per month are approximately $130 annually or $11 each month.

Business, institutional and industrial customers may qualify for the 8% Provincial Rebate. Businesses with a demand of less than 50 kilowatts automatically qualify.

If you previously provided Milton Hydro with a self-declaration form to be exempted from the Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) or to receive the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit (OCEB), you will automatically be enrolled to receive this rebate.

If your status has changed, however, since you provided those forms, you must notify MiltonHydro of that change as it may affect your eligibility to receive the 8% rebate.

If you did not qualify for previous exceptions or credits, you may still be eligible to receive the rebate if:

  • Your annual demand for electricity of 50 kilowatts or less;
  • Your annual consumption of 250,000 kilowatt hours of electricity or less;
  • You carry on a business that is a farming business for the purposes of the Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act, 1993, and you hold a valid registration number assigned under that Act or your obligation to file a farming business registration form was waived pursuant to an order made under subsection 22 (6) of that Act;
  • Your account relates to one of the following:
    1. a dwelling,
    2. a property, within the meaning of the Condominium Act, 1998,
    3. a residential complex, within the meaning of subsection 2 (1) of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, without regard to section 5 of that Act, or a property that includes one or more housing units and that is owned or leased by a co-operative within the meaning of the Co-operative Corporations Act.

If you own a Multi-Unit Residential Buildings that does not have individually metered units, such as some apartment buildings and condominiums, your account may also be eligible. You can self-declare your eligibility.

If you are a Sub-meter Customer, your account may be eligible for the rebate. You must self-declare your eligibility. Sub-metering Providers must ensure that each eligible person who pays an invoice receives a credit, as per the Ontario Rebate for Electricity Consumers Act, 2016. Sub-metering providers must also track which customers receive a monthly credit on their bill through the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP). The 8% rebate will be determined by the base amount that appears on their bill. There will be an annual true-up.

A complete list of eligibility requirements may be found on the form.

Eligibility to receive the rebate is defined under the Ontario Rebate for Electricity Consumers Act, 2016.

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