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Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB)

By July 1st, 2023, under the Ontario Regulation 506/18- Reporting of Energy Consumption and Water Use, eligible commercial, multi-unit residential, and some industrial buildings that are 50,000 square feet or larger, are required to report their building’s annual water and energy use to the Ontario government’s Ministry of Energy.

Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) can help customers:

  • Save money by tracking use
  • Identify energy and water efficiency opportunities
  • Compare consumption data to similar buildings

Milton Hydro provides customers with aggregated consumption data for individual or multiple meters to complete the EWRB Request for Data Form and submit the benchmarking report in Portfolio Manager. Customers with multiple buildings can report at the building or property level and must obtain an EWRB ID from the Ministry of Energy.

If you own, manage, or represent a building that’s 50,000 square feet or Larger, please follow the link below to complete the authorization form and email it to with the subject line - EWRB for Large Buildings Request FormEWRB Request for Data Form

For more information, or to get an EWRB ID, please visit the Ministry of Energy’s website at: Report energy and water use in large buildings |

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