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Momentary Outages Impacting Some Areas of Milton

Milton Hydro has investigated the momentary outages (blips) affecting our 41M23 feeder (areas of Campbellville Rd, Guelph Line, First Line, Second Line, Appleby Line, and 15 Side Road).
Our investigation has found the following key causes of this issue:

  • Tree contact
  • Wildlife interference
  • High winds                 

It is Milton Hydro’s longest feeder, feeding a mix of urban, rural, and commercial customers. Any of the above causes result in a brief (typically only one or two seconds) to all customers on that feeder. While momentary outages are inconvenient, the automatic equipment on Milton Hydro’s Distribution system helps to prevent longer duration outages.
We have the following mitigation plans currently underway to reduce such outages:

  • Enhanced our tree trimming efforts by increasing the frequency to bi-annually compared to a 3-year cycle (from 2022). Higher tree density areas will be trimmed annually, and as required.
  • Increased regular inspections of the entire feeder
  • Enhanced system monitoring by leveraging smart grid and smart meter technology
  • Installing animal guards on equipment prone to wildlife interference
  • Undergoing voltage conversion project, which will provide redundancy and relief to this longest feeder

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and assure you that we are working diligently to resolve this issue. We encourage you to report all such future issues by calling 1-844-NOHYDRO (664-9376).

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